The Amsterdam Challenge

Experience Amsterdam in a day

Want to get the most out of your layover in Amsterdam? You can discover the beautiful city of Amsterdam with KLM Night flight schedule*.
Find the highlights in the city and create your own Amsterdam Challenge!

*KLM Night flight schedule
Departure from Incheon 00:55AM Arrival at Amsterdam 04:30AM
Departure from Amsterdam 21:20PM Arrival at Incheon 15:40PM (+1)

Amsterdam Central Station

Where your Amsterdam trip starts. This biggest public transport transfer spot is 20 minutes away by train from the Schiphol Airport.


Most popular park in the city. Enjoy strolling and biking in Amsterdam's beautiful nature.

Albert Cuyp Market

The most popular street market in Amsterdam. You can find local cheese, flowers, souvenirs and food. Enjoy local flavour!

Heineken Experience

Explore the history and the real taste of Dutch beer at the original Heineken brewery. Book online and save your time.

The 9 Streets

Amsterdam's most trendy shopping district. Shop in the 9 beautiful streets along the canals and don't miss the unique shops inside the small streets.

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A'DAM Tower

The most trendy and thrilling place in Amsterdam. On the sky deck of A'DAM tower, you can enjoy Europe’s highest swing and the beauty of Amsterdam.

I Amsterdam

Landmark of Amsterdam. If you are looking for a spot to take a nice instagram picture, we recommend you to visit the I Amsterdam.


Most visited and largest art museum in Netherlands. You can find 8,000 objects of masterpieces by world famous Dutch artists including Rembrandt and discover 800 years of it's history.

Dam Square

The heart of Amsterdam. Dam Square is the center of tourist attractions where Royal Palace, New Church, National Monument and the Madame Tussauds are all around.

Canal Cruise

The city of canal Amsterdam. Take a canal boat and discover the beauty of people, attractions and the architecture in Amsterdam. Float down the canals and experiene the real city.

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